“My intern experience at incuvation labs was a great experience to see a start-up company at it’s rawest. From an idea to contacting investors to an actual live product. Additionally, a truly friendly and nice environment.”
Vincent Thai
Former intern
“Incuvation Labs is filled with vivid and friendly personalities. No matter how difficult a project may be to accomplish, your colleagues are willing to help you out.It’s great to have colleagues who have your back. They all possess the perseverance and focus necessary to make any company bloom.”
Rachel Wang
Former Intern
“Not only did my experience at Incuvation Labs LLC fuel my desire to develop more apps, I was able to learn the importance of communicating, working with others, and persevering. I am very fortunate to be apart of this group where I can apply my skills in a non-academic background and be given opportunities that will help me rise to my full potential.”
Brittany Wang
Former Intern
Interning at Incuvation Labs was a fun and memorable experience. The colleagues are very friendly and the environment is amicable. It presented me with opportunities to learn more about mobile development. With the experience that I gained here, it will sharpen my knowledge and improve my skills.
Chun Ho
Former Intern
My internship at Incuvation Labs is one of the most fun, but yet, most memorable experiences yet! The people here are very personable and very helpful as well. During my internship, it had helped sharpen my programming skills in game development. Overall, this is a great place to intern at!
Van Muse
Former Intern



Mobile Game Development Intern (MultiverseGames Inc.)


Game Testing Intern (Incuvation Games)